Tales of the Kryvesic Orb: Nathaniel Hex (Orb Bearer)

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When Nathaniel Hex visits the remote Vermont town of, Mystic Hallow, he did not expect his life would undergo such a drastic change. Since the moment of his arrival to his grandfather’s farm, strange and unexplainable occurrences have been responding to his presence. Each passing day brings a night of anxiety and terror; and the suspicion continues to grow that his grandfather knows more than he is sharing.

Mysteries plague his thoughts. His only piece of mind comes from a white German Shepard named Sudora and CC, the girl next door. This was until a malevolent entity reveals itself to him along with a generation’s old family secret. Relieved that he’s not losing his mind, he confronts his grandfather for the truth. What he learns is beyond belief.

Nathaniel is the next bearer of the Blue Kryvesic Orb – a divine charm from a magical world. This long kept family secret causes Nathaniel and his grandfather, Tobias Hex, to be attacked and Nathaniel finds himself prematurely pulled into Kryvesia – a place of pure imagination. From the moment of his arrival in Kryvesia, the fight for his life began as he is hunted by an evil that is determined to destroy the Orb Bearer.

Nathaniel is escorted across this vast land by the phoenix fairy warrior, Uraliah; the only person he can trust. The two of them team up with Nerik, Alera and Grawyn, a group of battle elves he later names, The Defenders 3. From Carniffia, the home of the High Elves, to the Starlight Palace, the land of the Devouine Fairies, they travel; facing giant jungle creature, living dead dark elves, flying demon bats monsters to only end up in a horrific battle between good and evil.

The fearless armies of mystical beings join forces against the ferocious servants of ‘Him’ in hopes of getting the Orb Bearer safely back to Earth so that he can one day save both worlds. – HR –

"This book will have you wondering what's going to happen next, so much that you can not put it down. My three sons ages 10 (twins) and 9 looked forward to reading this book every night at story time and cant wait for the next chapter of Nathaniel's life...

Natashia L.

"I am completely enamored with the tale of the Kryvesic Orb!!!! H.R Bolling has truly taken our imaginations on a voyage to the unknown, a page turner and classic, great gift for everyone! must read!

Shakeira A.


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